Use These Mirror Tips To Decorate Your Home

 bathroom mirror

Within the home, mirrors are gaining more popularity as a piece of decor because they are chic and can be found in a wide array of sizes, styles and price points. Take some time to reflect on these ways you can incorporate mirrors into your home's interior design.

Decorative mirrors in the bathroom
Bathroom mirrors play an important role. They provide storage space in the form of mirror cabinets. They allow you to check your reflection after brushing your hair, brushing your teeth or applying makeup.

Enhance art with mirrors
A mirror affixed to the wall opposite of a piece of art reflects the art, allowing it to become even more significant within the room.

Two mirrors
Hanging two mirrors at the same height on walls opposite of each other tricks your brain into thinking the room is never-ending. This is especially beneficial when a room is on the small side.

Fill a wall with mirrors
Areas like staircases and hallways may not be the ideal spots to hang artwork, but using a cluster of mirrors to fill this space can convert bare walls into a true masterpiece. If you’re into upcycling, look for complementary antique mirrors at local flea markets, thrift stores and antique stores. You’ll have the most success with an odd number of mirrors.

Place a mirror above a fireplace
Fireplaces are usually the focal point in a room. By hanging a mirror above it, you’re allowing the room to feel more spacious. Mirrors work especially well above the fireplace when objects of interest are placed on the mantle and then reflected throughout the room.

Hang mirrors in the entryway
The entryway gives guests their first impression of your home. All too often, they are underwhelming because they have a shortage of natural light. Incorporating a mirror into this space can make it seem larger because of its ability to reflect light when the front door is open. Feng shui dictates that the mirror should be placed next to the door, rather than on the wall straight across.

Allow mirrors to reflect windows
The placement of a mirror so that it can reflect a window gives the illusion of an additional window. Space will appear not only larger, but brighter during the day. A window in front of a bathroom sink can be perceived as a design flaw. However, placing a mirror that overlaps with the sink, without overtaking a window, can create an ideal environment for makeup application since natural light is essential.


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