How to Choosing the Right Mirror Cabinets for Your Bathroom

Bathroom mirror cabinets are one of the most important topics here at Quavikey – it’s all well and good having a nice wash but where to keep all of one’s toiletries, beauty products, toothbrushes and the like?
Sure, you could have all of your toiletries lying around on the side of the bath, windowsill, toilet cistern and anywhere else with a flat edge, but integration is the name of the game these days.
From driverless cars to translator earpieces, the world we live in is advancing at a ridiculous rate and so it seems right that the humble bathroom cabinet enjoys the same sorts of evolution.
That development comes in so much more than a reflective face, resulting in a fantastic number of bathroom mirror cabinets of every shape and size, all available direct from our online store.
Sit back and relax, and prepare yourself. It is time to see the sort of bathroom cabinet and storage integration the likes of which you never dreamed possible, as well as perhaps your very next DIY bathroom renovation purchase.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet – Materials Involved
Now there is by no means a single material available to you when selecting your bathroom mirror cabinet. From aluminium to wood, let’s quickly touch upon the perks and pitfalls of each.

Aluminium Bathroom Mirror Cabinets
Aluminium bathroom mirror cabinets are incredibly sleek options that provide you with the potential to create a luxurious, modern and understated look. If you are choosing to follow a minimalist bathroom aesthetic then an aluminium cabinet may well be your best bet. And boy, do we have some in store.
We would invite you to check out this JC006 LED Illuminated Mirror Cabinet in 400x600mm sizing for just £119.00, a perfect contemporary unit with an understated LED framing that has a touch sensor switch with dimmable function.

Quavikey JC006 mirror cabinet

We could share these aluminium bathroom cabinet beauties with you all day but will let you do a little exploring for yourself by checking out our entire range of aluminium bathroom cabinets. Enjoy!

Stainless Steel Bathroom Mirror Cabinets
They say that steel is real and that certainly seems to be the case when it comes to stainless steel bathroom mirror cabinets. There is a timeless quality to these specimens, an all-encompassing suitability that renders them well for any sort of bathroom decor concept you are entertaining.

Wooden Bathroom Mirror Cabinets
From steel to arboreal, manufactured by man to manufactured by nature – we now move onto those bathroom mirror cabinets constructed of an endlessly traditional and much-loved material, wood.
No longer designated to damp old Victorian style bathroom decors, the modern wooden bathroom mirror cabinet is superbly versatile. It can be the shabby chic retro statement amidst a modern bathroom design, or simply support a home bathroom design approach that takes a little of both realms into account.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Features
Now we have touched upon some of the main materials or colours that make a bathroom mirror cabinet stand out, it’s time to see what features these items may well boast.

Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinets
As dark decor abounds in the mind of the modern bathroom designer, the illuminated or backlit bathroom mirror cabinet rises similarly in popularity.

Check out, for example, this JC005 500x700mm Illuminated Mirror Cabinet for £159.00, combining a large backlit mirror with stylish, aluminum side cabinet for an excellent show of integration with both outer shelf and inner compartment storage options!

Quavikey JC005 mirror cabinet

It has the versatility. Glass shelves that are safety adjustable, touch sensor switch full size, concealed demister pad – bathroom mirror cabinets with demister pads are one of the biggest features in home bathroom innovation right now, we all know how steamy it can get in the bathroom – when really, the last thing you want when getting ready is to not be able to see in full demisted clarity just how damn fresh you look!

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets with Shaver Sockets
Gone are the days of wiring a shaver socket into your bathroom wall – now simply acquire a high-tech bathroom mirror cabinet with shaver socket.

One fine example is this JC011 LED Mirrored Cabinet with Demister Pad & Shaver Socket. Measuring 650x600mm and costing £169.00, it features a built-in shaver socket and heated demister pad to prevent condensation. It also boasts a highly functional two door design so that multiple people can use the bathroom mirror cabinet at the same time.

Quavikey JC011 mirror cabinet

Next, the JC001 ~ JC003 650x600mm LED Mirror Cabinet at £189.00, one of the Quavikey team’s personal favourites. This is the one of our most luxurious bathroom mirror cabinets with shaver socket – and looking at it, it’s easy to see why.

Quavikey JC001 mirror cabinet

Quality aluminium housing, multiple LED functionality, shaving socket, heated door and so much more, wrapped into a single sumptuous cabinet bundle.

What do you need? What’s your decor? Do you wish to draw focus to or divert it from your bathroom mirror cabinet? We’re sure you’ll make a fantastic choice, we have them all here at Quavikey just waiting for you. Sign up to our newsletter to enjoy exclusive Quavikey offers, competitions, features and much more!


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