The Top Tips To Add Light With A Mirror

LED mirror

Mirrors can be used for much more than getting ready each day. One of their best features is the ability to bring light into the home. With the following simple tips and ideas, you’ll be able to add light wherever you need it most.

There are many areas of the home that can benefit from some extra light reflected in by a mirror. Areas that are normally dim such as entryways and hallways are prime spots to use one. Dining and living rooms that don’t receive much natural light are also popular places.

But of course, it really depends on the layout of your home and your preferences. You may want certain rooms to be brighter than others. For example, many people like to have their bedroom or home office as bright and airy as possible.

The simplest way to get a large amount of natural light into a room is to place a mirror directly across from a window that gets either morning or afternoon sun. For those with an attractive outdoor view, this can be a great way to enjoy it from indoors.

If you'd prefer a little less light you may want to set your mirror so that it is on an adjacent wall instead so that the sun’s rays can only hit it a certain angle or times of the day.

You don’t need to have natural light to be able to make a room brighter; you can also use an artificial light. An easy way to do this is to place your mirror directly behind a table or floor lamp. For a romantic glow you may want to place a candle in front of your mirror. Of course, if you have wall lights you could use your mirror directly across from them too.

You always want to choose a mirror size that works well with your space however the larger the mirror, the more light it will reflect. That is why you will often see homeowners using a large standing mirror for this purpose. When you have an area that is not very tall but wide you can always use a full-length mirror and install it horizontally instead of vertically on the wall to help get as much light into a room as possible.

If you have limited space and want the most reflective surface area possible a frameless mirror can do the trick. That’s because you get more mirror and no frame. Using one with beveled edges not only can add some serious visual appeal but can be used to play on light since the edges can function as prisms and reflect a range of colors.

An LED bathroom mirror is the perfect idea for anyone who wants an upscale look but also demands function. Instead of purchasing a standard bathroom mirror and then having to buy and install separate lighting, an LED bathroom mirror will give you both and with less hassle.

Anyone of these tips could be just what you need to brighten up even the darkest room. So be sure to try them out to get the most from both your mirror and your space.

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