Mirror Cabinets (Medicine Cabinets)- Much More Than Just Storage

Quavikey JC003 mirror cabinet

Bathroom furniture like mirror cabinets, combine beauty, comfort and function in an ideal way. With shapes and surfaces, high-quality mirror cabinets set highlights in every bathroom. Real miracles of space are hidden behind the mirrored doors, which ensure order. Everything important remains within reach - optimal bathroom comfort for every time of the day. Sophisticated lighting functions create unique moods.


The high-quality aluminum surfaces and all-round LED lighting immediately catch the eye of the mirror cabinet from Quavikey. A closer look reveals the innovative functions of this mirror cabinet. The LED light can be controlled, for example, by touch sensors, clear white tones for relaxed times in the bathroom.


The JC009 mirror cabinets from Quavikey, are available with 2 doors that can be opened particularly wide. Door dampers ensure smooth closing and opening. Particularly practical: the shelves are tip-proof - and two externally accessible sockets allow comfortable shaving or hair drying.

Profiled aluminum side walls and chrome handles ensure a lasting impression. Depending on your wishes, integrated lighting or attachment lamps can put this elegant mirror cabinet in the right light. Reflection mirror cabinets are available in sizes 650 mm wide - from wellness baths to guest toilets, this collection of bathroom furniture offers perfect solutions, always tailored to every need.
Quavikey JC009 mirror cabinet


Sometimes we want to look closely - and we need a bright white light to be able to check shaving, wrinkles or make-up. Sometimes the light is just supposed to flatter us. With modern LEDs, you can conjure up the lighting mood that best suits your mood in no time at all.

LED lighting is not only more flexible and comfortable in terms of lighting design and operation. At the same time, they impress with their energy efficiency and durability - and thus help to reduce energy costs.

The ultimate tidying aid, caddies are a great bathroom storage idea for saving space. Slide one down the side of the toilet for spare loo roll, or keep it stocked with your bathing essentials and hide in a cupboard, only to be brought out at bath time.

The large variety of LED mirror cabinets

In more than 20 bathroom cabinet varieties, our bathroom experts will be happy to present you with a wide selection of mirror cabinets for every need. It is arranged for an exclusive consultation by email. Or you can stop by spontaneously and be inspired.

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